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Join us for Worship, Sundays @ 9:00 AM
Services are also available via 
Zoom or YouTube

Bible Study will resume at the end of Easter
. John's Bible Study
Please join us for Bible Study Thursdays @ 7:00 PM
Please see email sent to parishioners with Zoom Instructions

St. John's Youth Ministries
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Youth Service Club, Girl Scouts, Sunday School & Acolytes

St. John's Eucharistic Visitor
This is to inform you that our Eucharistic Visitor 
will begin visiting our Sick & Shut-Ins parishioners.
Please contact us at the link to request a visit.


Mid-Week Eucharist will resume at the end of Lent
St. John's Mid-Week Eucharist
Please join us for Mid-Week Eucharist Wednesdays @ 12 Noon

St. John’s Lenten & Holy Week Calendar

Stations of the Cross

Lenten Season

02/14          Ash Wednesday - 7PM

02/16          Stations of the Cross – Fridays at 7PM

                     (beginning, Friday, February 16th - March 15th)


Holy Week & Easter Sunday


03/24          Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday - 9AM

03/28          Maundy Thursday - 7PM

03/29          Good Friday - 12Noon

03/30          Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil - 7PM

03/31          Easter Day - 9AM


LENT - Letter from Fr. Josh

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,


Greetings to you in the name of our crucified and risen Savior!


As we know, Lent is a special time set apart by the church for spiritual renewal. Just like the plants, trees, and the land get a new lease of life as we pass from winter to spring, we too are called to use this season as a time of revival. During these days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday we are invited to engage in spiritual practices that would deepen our relationship with God. Through regular practice of prayer, scripture reading, contemplation, fasting, caring etc., we seek to draw closer to God.


In Matthew 6: 1-18, Jesus teaches his disciples about the spiritual practices of almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. In each case, Jesus tells them to practice them privately without making a big deal about it. Instead, these are ways in which one enters into a personal and closer communion with God. It is important to note that Jesus begins with almsgiving, thus reminding us that caring for those in need is not some extra work that we do as disciples of Christ. Perhaps, anticipating this misunderstanding, Jesus puts concern for the poor first. Second, Jesus emphasizes the importance of private prayer and devotion. While most of us are good at corporate worship i.e. worshipping in the church as a community, it is also important that we spend time alone with God. Even Jesus needed such ‘alone’ moments with God the father (Mark 1:35)! Through these moments with God, praying and reading the Scripture, we are able to enter into a closer communion with God. Finally, Jesus teaches us about the importance of fasting. Here, I believe that we have a lot to learn from our Muslim sisters and brothers who diligently fast (sawm) during the month of Ramadan. By fasting, we give rest to our body and mind and are able to focus more on God. Also, we are able to share in the experience of the poor and the hungry people in our society. Moreover, by fasting and abstaining from certain food (eg: meat) or practices (eg: social media), we can save and share some of our resources (time or money) with others. As I have done in the past, I encourage you to put away and save the money you don’t use when you abstain from buying things and at the end of the Lent season give it to someone in need in your neighborhood, family, or community.


During this season, through these spiritual practices, may we draw closer to Christ. May we feel the love of our crucified Savior as we meditate on his suffering during the Holy Week. And may we experience the power of the risen Lord as we celebrate the glorious feast of his resurrection!


May this season of Lent be a meaningful and blessed time for us all!


God bless you all!


Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Josh

Priest in Charge

Please Join us Fridays at 7PM

beginning 2/16 through 3/15 for "Stations of the Cross"

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ECW Women's Luncheon
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Harvest Sunday Celebration

Harvest Sunday Praise Dance performed by Lisa Gay

Sunday School

Sunday School Flyer 2023_Final.jpg

Healing Sunday

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"We are honored that you are visiting our Church website. St. John's is always striving to find new ways to get our message out to current and prospective members. This Church website allows us to reach people we may never have been able to contact before. Please use this Website to access the information you need about our Church and as a resource for broadening your faith. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have." - St. John's

 In-Person Worship has Resumed
Sundays @ 9:00 AM
Links to other means of worshipping

with us are listed below.


To our parishioners and friends, in spite of the ongoing situation we find ourselves in, we encourage you during these difficult times as you are made to be absent from our weekly public liturgies to continue to abide by your committed pledges to St. John's. "God's Blessing to you and yours."  Please feel free to utilize our "Online Giving" options by visiting our ONLINE GIVING Page

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