St. John's Priest-in-Charge

The Rev. Pauline A. Samuel

Word from the Priest

As we consider God's blessings, we can't help but to be in awe of God's immense goodness towards us. With each new day we are reminded that everything we are and everything we do and everything we have is a result of God's abundant gifts. God is the great giver and the greatest of gifts is Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.

God has given each of us gifts or skills and we are meant to use our gifts to bless others. One way of doing that is passing our God-given gifts to the church. Our gifts empower the church to be Christ in the world. The church is a vehicle for us to exercise our roles as Christian caretakers. The church is many things: we are a place of worship and friendship, we build relationships, we provide pastoral care and healing, outreach, in-reach and Christian education.

At St. John's Episcopal Church we may be the "little church on the hill" but we are doing BIG things for God's kingdom and we cannot continue to build up the kingdom of God in Springfield Gardens without you and without your resources. We believe that God is our ultimate source and provides all that we need. We believe that Jesus "came so that we might have life, and have it more abundantly". (John 10: 10) We are BELIEVERS IN GOD'S ABUNDANCE!

For 2019, St. John's is asking that you commit to your Christian role as a steward (caretaker) of God's bountiful gifts and offer your time, skills, and financial resources to help St. John's continue to care for the congregation and the community at large.

2019 Commitment Card: I ask that you pray and discern what your financial, time, and talent commitment will be for the new year. As you pray, know that this is a commitment that you are making to God as to how you will give through St. John's. Please note that the commitment card is two-sided, on the front-side please complete your financial commitment and on the reverse, please complete your time and talent commitment by selecting from the various ministry opportunities available.

Church: (718) 525-1444

Rectory: (516) 341-2233

The Rev. Pauline Samuel is a proud graduate of Yale Divinity School where she earned her Masters of Divinity. While in seminary she served as Vice President of the Yale Black Seminarians and also served as Co-Chair of the Annual Class Gift Campaign helping to raise over $17,000 for financial aid and scholarships for incoming students. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Francis College. Pauline was raised up for ordination by St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, MacDonough St.  While there she worked as the Office Manager and served as Youth Coordinator. Prior to beginning her seminary training, Pauline had the opportunity to intern at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia where she served as the Coordinator for Families and Children. Mother Samuel is excited to be serving as Priest-in-charge at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield Gardens. Mother Samuel is a Brooklyn native of Caribbean descent.  She has a great love for books, is a self-proclaimed foodie and is an avid football fan.

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PRIEST-IN-CHARGE: The Rev. Pauline A. Samuel



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