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Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, January 26, 2020




          The members of the St. Mary’s Altar Guild are:


     Sharon Hunter                          Barbara Taylor

Eutrice Belfon                            Sybil Jeffrey

              Ann Brown                                 Adrienne Lawrence

                     Gwendolyn Cardoza                 Carole Moore                  

            Afotan Fadairo                           Cynthia Stephens  

      Iyabo Fadairo                             Dolores Tanner

    Veronica Hall                              Walter Tanner

Patricia Hamlet                                               



The Altar Guild is divided into groups of 4 persons working together with the priest to prepare the church for all worship services. It is a servant ministry and offers many blessings. Usually a group serves about once a month and is responsible for all services during their week of service. We take care of the sacraments, linens and vessels used during the service, order supplies and flowers, and do general housekeeping so that the house of God is made ready for worship. We welcome men and teenagers as well as ladies of the congregation. Please consider joining the guild.

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