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Communications Ministry

Sharon Hunter

Nikki Young

“St. John’s Episcopal Church, Springfield Gardens, NY is now embracing a new Discipleship Tool – Social Media Networking” - Sharon Hunter


As Episcopalians (Anglicans) we believe in a full embrace of social media and web publishing phenomenon. St. John's will continue to utilize Social Media as a discipleship tool. The Church should look at these tools as a social evangelism asset - bringing people into the Church via the internet as well as in our Church building.


The goal is to expand the Sunday experience to the rest of the week by way of our Church's Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter discussions and the sharing of our Church activities via YouTube when possible.


Please visit our social media networks to learn more about our Church and to stay connected with our Church family. Our Social Media sites have assisted in bringing us new Church members and we intend to continue this trend in the years to come.


Members of Communications Ministry:

  • Sharon Hunter

  • Nikki Young


Sharon & Nikki can be reached at this email address:

Social Media Announcement - St. John's Episcopal Church is now on:


St. John’s Website

Our Website was established in 2005 and began reconstruction in 2018. This reconstruction endeavor took months to complete due to the total data on our website and will continue to be completed in waves. St. John’s website continues to expand its content and viewership. Our website is updated on a weekly basis with a variety of content.


If your ministry would like to add content on our Church’s website please contact, Sharon Hunter, St. John’s webmaster at or see me after mass on Sundays. Our mission is to inform our parishioners and community of local and national news & events pertaining to the Episcopal Church and other social events.

Church Events & Ministry Schedules


Our Website offers:

  • Priest information

  • Events

  • News & Notes

  • Online Tithing/Donations/Ticket purchases

  • Calendar with Upcoming Church Events

  • Ministries/Services/Schedules

  • Comment Page for visitors to reach out to our Vestry Members

  • And much more…


Facebook & Instagram

Please follow  us on Instagram and Facebook & like our Facebook Page. Give it thumbs up!! The more “LIKES” the more people viewing our website, the more chances of increasing our Church membership and fellowship. For assistance on getting setup on Facebook, please contact Nikki or Sharon at the email address above.



St. John’s Twitter account has several followers from other Episcopalian Churches. Twitter is updated via our Facebook page updates.



St. John’s also has a YouTube account. We have several videos posted e.g. Our Int’l Spring Fair; St. John’s “Little Angels” praise dance performance.


2019 Communications Plans

  • Setup new sound system and video streaming

  • Research and implement our very own Church App

If you would like to become a member of the Communications Ministry please contact Sharon or Nikki.

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