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Ways To Pray During COVID-19

Ways to Pray Every Week via Zoom

Morning Prayer - Sundays @ 9:00am

Compline - Thursdays @ 8:30pm


We will be using the Book of Common Prayer.

If you do not have a copy available at home, please visit the following link to download a pdf copy:


To purchase a copy please visit the following link:


March 26th - Order of Compline

March 22nd - BCP Morning Prayer Rite Two and Readings for Fourth Sunday in Lent

March 8th - BCP Morning Prayer Rite Two and Readings for Third Sunday in Lent


The Rev. Pauline A. Samuel

MORNING PRAYER - Sunday 3/15

The Rev. Pauline A. Samuel

Pastoral Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


As you are aware we are in a serious health crisis with the number of cases of COVID-19 in New York increasing day by day. The best measures to slow the rate of infection is to avoid large gatherings and events. In his video to the diocese, Bishop Provenzano stated that "...the science is clear that the one way we can begin to thwart the aggressive progression of this virus is by social distancing--that is for us to be physically apart although we can be together in prayer and in our support and encouragement of one another."


This means that beginning March 14th through Thursday, March 26th all public liturgies will be suspended in all churches within the Diocese of Long Island. At St. John’s mass will not be held this Sunday nor on March 22nd, Noonday Prayer and bible study will not meet, nor will there be Stations of the Cross. The Jamaica Deanery Lenten service is canceled as well.


This is not an easy time for any of us as we figure out how to navigate life in the midst of a pandemic. Social distancing while it endeavors to keep us safe and uninfected also adds the burden of isolation to our college students who can no longer remain on campus, many of the working community who must now do so from home, and many of our elderly and homebound members who are recovering from surgeries. We must remember that we are a family and family means we check on one another and pray with and for one another.

This hiatus from public worship means that we also have to think outside the box of praying as a community. While we are unable to gather physically in the building that is St. John's it does not mean that we cease praying. The diocese is providing liturgies for people to use at home with loved ones and we will be working on ways to use modern technology to facilitate group prayer.


I ask that we be diligent in adhering to what the CDC is advising, washing our hands, using hand sanitizer, disinfecting surfaces and avoiding large crowds and gatherings. I also ask that we be diligent in being faithful to the God we serve and love. As we take these necessary precautions, we do so remembering Paul's words to Timothy, "God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind." We must remain positive and faithful, knowing that God is still in charge, 


Continue to check the website and our social media pages for further updates.


Please know that I hold all of you in love and prayer. Stay faithful and prayerful!


Peace & blessings,

Mother Samuel+

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