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Veronica Williams
Vestry Person


My name is Veronica Williams I was born in Trinidad & Tobago, moved to the United

States  over 50 years ago.


I grew up in the (Anglican)  Episcopal church with six girls and three boys.


I attended Jamaica High adult education where I receive my GED,attended Wilfred

Academy receive my cosmetology certificate and license. I then went on to college

at Suny Famingdale and pursue a career in Business Administration.


I work in banking in every capacity  for 22 year left open my own business for 16 years

when back to school and work in Health Services for 10 years and is now retired.


Had me some difficult time when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.

That brought me back to realty and back to my humble beginning,my faith and at

St John's. This undertaking will be all new to me but is willing to study the word of

god and learn.

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