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Lay Eucharistic Minister & Acolyte Ministry

Congregational Meeting Acolyte Ministry

Annual Report 2020


The members of the St. John's Acolyte Ministry believes it is a privilege to serve at God’s Table, and take what we do as an offering to God. By being an acolyte, we’ve taken on a role of leadership in the worship service. As acolytes we serve at the altar and help bishops, priests and deacons. We generally assist in processions by carrying processional crosses, torches, books and other items. We also assist with the preparation of the Altar and during the administration of Communion, we also may assist by holding the Gospel Book or other books, and by assisting at weddings, baptisms and funerals. As acolytes we know that good liturgy always requires careful preparation, we  are expected to be

prepared and know what to do in whichever position we serve - Crucifer, Thurifer, Master of Ceremony (MC) or Altar bell ringer.


In 2019 we saw a growth in our Youth Acolytes and we have been holding steadily since then. All new acolytes and seasoned acolytes attended a training session in 2019 and the youth acolytes were measured in preparation to be fitted with new acolyte vestments. We currently have a total of 6 new youth acolytes, 3 boys and 3 girls and 4 adult acolytes. In 2020 we will have regularly scheduled meetings to ensure all Acolytes are fully abreast of their role as St. John's acolytes.


Acolyte service schedule is prepared at least 6 months in advance. Any acolyte not being able to attend service must contact Sharon Hunter in advance of the day they are scheduled to serve so that a replacement acolyte can be placed on the roster. Anyone who is interested in becoming an Acolyte please see Sharon Hunter.

Acolyte Ministry Annual Report Submitted By:

Sharon Hunter

Youth Acolytes

  • Ariel Amos

  • Mylasia Colebrook

  • Jayson Lashley

  • Kaleem Peters

  • Joshua Tanner

  • Nia Young

Adult Acolytes

  • Gilford Cornelius

  • Andrea Dacres

  • Sharon Hunter

  • Eddie Robin

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