Pastoral Area Groups

PAG Meetings 


The Vision and Goal of the PAGs is:

To strengthen our church so everyone is connected in family and growing in their faith as well as help the groups to pray together, apply sermons and lectionary texts to their lives, leading to spiritual growth, unity and transformation.


Purpose of Meetings and Schedules

Groups will meet for prayer, spiritual reflection, discussion, pastoral needs and fellowship for approximately one (1) hour.  Discussion items will also include coffee hour menus, coordination of a rotating schedule of group members for set up and clean up for coffee hour, and ensure members are aware of events, meetings, etc. that are happening in the church, diocese and community.


December & January Schedule

Group 2 – December 22

Group 3 – January 5

Group 4 – January 19th*(date change due to Annual Parish Meeting)

St. John's Episcopal Church - Established:1926

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