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Annual Report 2018

The St. John's Senior Saints Ministry aka "Pacesetters" was established in 2018. This ministry is made up of vital, vibrant, and victorious female seniors beginning at the age of 70. Their goal is to inspire young women to follow in the footsteps of Christ by teaching them the way of the Lord.

The mission of the 'Pacesetters' ministry is to:

"Inspire senior citizens to continue to be active and stay faithful in Christ"

Pacesetters Activities:

Our Ministry has specific activities that are designed to encourage and motivate you in your walk with Christ, so that you can truly reconnect or connect with other seniors and believers in Christ:


  • Health Programs

  • Day Trips

  • Conferences

  • Monthly Luncheons

  • Weekly Bible Studies

  • Occasional Fund Raising

  • etc.

The Senior Saints Ministry 'Pacesetters' are always looking for people to help serve and be a blessing to those who have and are leaving a legacy of godliness.

2018 Events


On October 13, 2018, the Pacesetters hosted our Church's 'Annual Fall Luncheon'. The event was a success and the event raised over $3,000 for St. John's.


To sign up to become a member of the Senior Saint's Ministry "Pacesetters" please contact the ministry's Chairperson, Gwendolyn Cardoza:


Report created by: Gwendolyn Cardoza

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