Sharon Hunter


Sharon Hunter has been a member of St. John's since 2005. She has been actively involved at St. John's since becoming a member, and is responsible for developing and managing St. John’s Website since 2005. Sharon has her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and has worked as a Senior IT Project Manager for the last 15+ years, overseeing multi-million dollar projects. She is also PMP and ITIL certified. Sharon is inspired by her Mom, Gwendolyn Cardoza, who encourages her to be the best Christian she can be.


Sharon's skill sets has allowed her to serve in multiple ministries at St. John's over the last 14 years. Sharon has served as an LEM, Acolyte, Lay Reader, Director of Communications Ministry, Director of Altar Guild, Co-Chair of Women's Ministry, Outreach and Evangelism Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry and also assisting other ministries over the years such as Stewardship Ministry etc. As a senior project manager, Sharon has learned to hone her management and leadership skills and working well with others.


As warden, Sharon would like to continue to support St. John's a capacity that will allow her to serve St. John's parishioners by joining them in unity and camaraderie. She strongly believes that as a Warden of St. John's one should ‘provide leadership in the congregation by demonstrating a consistently positive attitude that seeks to resolve problems; recognize achievements & give thanks for what builds community and furthers the mission and vision of the church.’    

St. John's Episcopal Church - Established:1926

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